Flowers of the Spirit LLC presents:

Sheila Stephens

Teacher of Healing from Grief; Meditation; & Writing
artist, drummer, reiki practitioner, speaker


i l l u m i n a t i o n
h e a l i n g   g r i e f   &   l o s s
m e d i t a t i o n
i n n e r   g r o w t h
r e i k i   h a n d s   o f   l i g h t
a h - h a   i n s i g h t s
d r u m m i n g

c r e a t i v i t y
w r i t i n g
l o v e



Newest Release!

The Mystery School of Grief;
Healing Messages of Love & Light

by Sheila Stephens

A beautiful and wise transformational journey of the heart’s healing from grief after loss.  As writing and meditation teacher, Sheila Stephens, faced the sudden death of her husband, she turned toward the new learnings, and stunning synchronicities that began to surprisingly unfold, even on the wings of Red-Tailed Hawks and iridescent Dragonflies.

In what seemed like a caring school for her spirit, Stephens found some of life’s biggest mysteries and most light-filled insights informing her - and quietly uplifting her life.  The 40 TIPS & SECRETS revealed to her chart a process of the gentle but profound healing anyone can experience as connections with our Loved Ones on the Other Side dynamically expand our hearts.

With unforgettable messages, dreams, and stories drawn from real experience, this book has powerful Wings that support us and teach us about the on-going, life-giving spaciousness of Love.

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The Art of Prayer & Tea & Thee; A New Way to Find a Moment to Pray in the Midst of Our Busy Days

by meditation teacher, Sheila Stephens

Sumptuous and fun, this must-have book is fun to share.  Stephens’ original New American Tea Ceremony is easy to read and quickly put into practice.  In a delightful way, Stephens teaches even the busiest of us how to take an instant break and refresh our spirit with a simple cup of tea!  After you choose your favorite teacup or mug, and ‘put your feet up and your worries down,’ you’ll naturally find yourself in a quiet, meditational place.  It’s all up from there!

Every step has a jewel of how-to wisdom which comes through in the eloquent stillness she creates.  All you have to do is lift your cup, step-by-step, and receive the new inspirations that relax you - and refine you.  Stephens creates a vessel of Love that changes you as you sip a yummy cup of tea!

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Soon to be re-released

After Sheila Stephens' beloved husband, Allen Stephens, died one day in an auto accident at the age of 57, Sheila spent the next year editing his fictional work that captured their love relationship, and serendipitously brought light into the process of how the hero (Jake) died and went to the Other Side and then came back.  Editing this valuable, tender and adventurous book helped her heal, and she still smiles that Allen used her poem, “Always Here” as the ending of his book.  The last chapter was read at Allen’s Celebration of Life.  Years later, to Sheila, Allen is always here.

This popular book has SOLD OUT, but will be available again soon!

Gone to Glory (Western fiction/adventure)
The New Western Series

by Allen Stephens

edited by Sheila Stephens
Cover design by Sheila Stephens

Every man wants to make his mark on the world, but in what way?  “Gone to Glory” goes to the heart of the West.  What does a man believe in?  And does he have the courage to let it affect his life?

It was obvious to everyone that Jake was a changed man.  He’d grown into his boots, as the saying goes, and his boots were destined to be tall ones.  In the past, Jake had been respected - and feared - for the strength of force he’d used to protect the precious gold others had discovered.  Now he was respected for possessing the ability to find it himself, and so something good with it.  His new riches gave Jake the opportunity to help his old friend, Harry Harmon, with a claim that promised to be a whopper.

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