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Sheila Stephens

SHEILA STEPHENS is author of the newly released inspiring book, THE MYSTERY SCHOOL OF GRIEF; HEALING MESSAGES OF LOVE & LIGHT, written about the surprising and serendipitous events that helped her heal during the first 10 years after her husband, Allen Stephens, passed away.  She is also author of the fun meditational book, THE ART OF PRAYER & TEA & THEE, in which she created The New American Tea Ceremony.  In Addition, Stephens was honored to be the editor for her late husband’s New Western, GONE TO GLORY. 

Nominated for the prestigious Nina Mae Kellogg Writing Award during her college years at Portland State University, Stephens became an international award winning poet, a Level I Reiki Practitioner, a Meditation teacher, and a Writing teacher.

As a sought-after speaker, and workshop leader, Stephens will occasionally play her Native drum as she shares wisdoms about healing from grief and loss, and the life-giving power of creativity.  Her ongoing insights can be found in her free e-newsletter (BLOOMIN' STUFF), her Sherwood Gazette newspaper column (WRITING - FOR THE LIFE OF IT!), and her creativity blog (Bloomin’ Stuff). 

She enjoys her family, the healing power of nature, the joy of painting and photography, and her sweet cat, Bella, who enters her visions as Sheila closes her eyes while doing Reiki.  Her next books will include further sacred stories about healing from grief and loss, and a series of books about writing, finding your ah-ha moments, and sharing the gold nugget wisdoms you put in your pocket along the way.

Sheila Stephens also appeared in these books:

“Seasoned with Words” by the Oregon Writers Colony

The “Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul” book series
by Kay Allenbaugh:

“Chocolate for a Woman’s Sound, Vol. II”
“Chocolate for a Woman’s Blessings”
“Chocolate for a Woman’s Courage”
“Chocolate for a Woman’s Dreams”
“Chocolate for a Teen’s Spirit”
“Chocolate for a Lover’s Heart”

©  Sheila Stephens. No copying.

© Sheila Stephens. No copying.


Stephens has given Workshops, Talks, Classes, Interviews or Book Signings for:

Women’s groups; nonprofits; schools

Business groups; moms’ groups


Independent bookstores

Senior centers; retirements centers

The Washington Park Zoo


The Red Hat Society


The Body Mind Spirit Expo


Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Borders Bookstore

The OASIS Center for Continuing Education

The Oregon Writers Colony

Willamette Writers

Radio stations


Art Shows

Sheila Stephens has been featured in numerous one-woman and group art shows across the Northwest.

PHoto by Kevin D. Barry

PHoto by Kevin D. Barry

Allen Stephens

When Sheila Stephens’ husband, Allen Stephens, passed away suddenly in a pedestrian accident at the age of 57, he left his family and friends with an enormous legacy of love, and a series of extraordinary Western novels.  As Sheila edited “Gone to Glory” during the first year after his passing, she discovered some interesting details.  As mentioned under his book description, the Western adventure begins with the hero, Jake, dying in a similar way as Allen did, by a blow to the temple.  During her editing, Sheila looked for which side of the temple took the blow, and amazingly his hero, Jake, suffered the blow on the right temple - the same as Allen!  This was only the beginning of a series of serendipitous happenings and inspiring signs that kept Sheila connected with her own hero, Allen, over the past decade.

Through his visitations in dreams, and in even appearances in Sheila’s real life, Allen has continued his support and guidance for over 11 years.  Sheila has written about these amazing appearances in her book, “The Mystery School of Grief,” so that others can understand how to stay connected to their Loved Ones on The Other Side.

Allen was widely published nationally, and had also worked in the world of marketing educational books.  He then became co-owner of an advertising/marketing/communications firm with Sheila.  At the time of his death, he also was the manager of Schwann’s food delivery company in Hillsboro, Oregon, where he developed a deep connection with individuals and families.

In the Oregonian newspaper, his family talked about Allen as a gifted Western writer, a dreamer, a visionary.  And also a devoted husband and father, a healer, a friend.  In their words to Allen, they attempted to share all he meant to them:

“You filled each day with a joy that only comes from love.  You made us feel treasured, important, and vitally needed.  You had words of wisdom that tumbled from you like the most natural mountain stream.  You will be missed, for you increased God’s love by sharing it in both little and big ways everyday.  You loved your wife and sons, and made them happy.  You sincerely cared for us, and made not only adults, but also children, and dogs and cats your friend.

You made us laugh often and wholeheartedly.  And just as quickly, you listened to us well, giving us compassion and hope.  In so many ways, you healed us and made us better people.  Now we are honored to hold you in our hearts forever, and share it with others, so we might carry on the tradition of a fine and loving man.”

In conversations with other authors, such as Stephen Cannell, Allen was often heard to say - “I like the way good does triumph over evil - after a vigorous struggle!”  His wife and sons hope you enjoy his adventures, and the character he brought to them.