A poem that shows the courage of people who are healing from grief:

"Shaman's Flight"

       by Sheila Stephens

"And what do you say
of Fear?" I asked.
And the river answered
"Look out upon my ripples . . . "

A bird then circled in
downstream and dove
into a flight path
all its own.

Inches off the river's
white-water it flew
as if on a mission

Still, a common bird
I thought it to be
until it rocketed
past me -
a flash of emerald
a shaman's flight.

Its Mallard wings
showing me all things -
even courage of my own -
that I would miss
if I gave Fear
my heart, my soul.

© 2016, Sheila A. Stephens

An excerpt from Sheila Stephens', THE MYSTERY SCHOOL OF GRIEF.

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