Capture Spring’s Energy - by Just Movin’ Things Around!

As I sit at my dining room table this morning, I not only SEE but FEEL Spring’s new sun streaming in the big bay windows.  As it does, it seems to awaken me, and I ask myself, “From what?”  Maybe from Winter’s deep slumber, when we all seek to “go deep” and learn quiet wisdom messages that now exist in us, like seeds ready for the warm soil.  So now, as I feel the sun seeping into my spirit, I feel a quickening of my pulse.  And like a seed that’s ready to grow into fruition, or a race horse that’s ready to burst out of the gate, my heart says a surprising but jubilant, “Let’s go!”

So how does this want to be expressed?  In my life, there are big things that need doing, and I’m busy doing them, but there is something else in the air.  Something small and exquisite.  As I look at some flowers in a small silver vase, I enjoy them all over again.  Then I decide to move them - first, so my cat, Bella, doesn’t knock them over!  But in the process, I think about where I could put them.  I try out different places, and in this seemingly modest creative process, the “ah-ha” comes as I realize how enormously good I feel by “the movement.”  It immediately releases some new kind of energy within me.  So I move something else to a new place, and the thrill I feel repeats itself.

I realize the joy I feel in these movements is bigger than the movements themselves.  The movement can be small, and the effect can be big.  It is like Drumming with my Native drum:  the action of drumming actually creates a bigger thing as it releases the old energy and moves in the new energy.  An energy that is vibrant - and healing!  Simple as that.  So we can use the Art of Movement to create new transformative energy and new direction in our lives.

Drumming is an energy that brings in the light.  Anybody can do it!

Drumming is an energy that brings in the light.  Anybody can do it!

Another secret is to use Symbolic Actions.  You can begin clearing past blocks and open up to future desires by choosing an object that “holds that thought” for you, and put that object in a new place.  For example, you can move a bouquet of daffodils or tulips into the center of your table to call in fun new social events (or whatever you decide it represents).  Every time you walk by, it will serve to remind you of the positive thoughts you’ve attached to it.  You can put feathers in a place that lets go of the past and calls in a new relationship.  Or, like myself, you can put a favorite photo in a place you pass by everyday.  In a hallway, I put a photo I’d taken of a baby Osprey boldly peeking its head out of its nest, high on top of a log pylon in the Willamette River.  The young Osprey looks like a teenager with a crazy new haircut, so it reminds me to stay curious - and to show up and have fun with life.  This endearing Osprey also makes me laugh.  It helps me break through my fears and not take myself so seriously.

In my new book, “The Mystery School of Grief,” I list the Secrets of healing from grief that I learned after my late husband, Allen, passed over.  #22 was:  Practice Symbolic Actions.  “I started small.  I bought a dragonfly necklace that symbolized Allen’s spirit being with me.  But (11) years later I was happy when the boys gave me another dragonfly necklace.  One gift grew into another.  My thoughts of staying connected with Allen in this diaphanous way were shared by others in my family - and that helped me once again.  The Wheel of Healing was turning, in all of us.”

Whether we shift into the power of Spring’s creative energy by simply but knowingly moving small things in our home, or we take the more conscious step of using Symbolic Actions, the movement can feel exquisite and can boost us into the power of further action.  Whole windows can open up to the new air and fresh ideas of Spring.  As we let this creative energy into this change of the season, we come to realize WE can start the movement and the race-horse-like release of exciting new energy.  We can let it clear us, and shift us into a joyful forward movement that feels incredibly exquisite.  And it is then we know, we are a vital part of Spring, and we can move - or Drum - whole new things into existence.

Tell me what Symbolic Actions you decide to use in your life.  I’d love to hear from you!

“If we take time to notice,
ah-ha moments are everywhere.”

From the "Ah-Ha Moments" blog by Sheila Stephens

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