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An e-gift inspiration from Sheila Stephens, about Healing from Grief:

This poem is from “The Mystery School of Grief; Healing Messages of Love & Light,” by Sheila Stephens.  Her husband died during an eclipse of a Full Moon.  At first it was very hard for her to see the Full Moon again, but over time, as she healed, it became a sign of ever-lasting love and comfort sent from her husband on The Other Side.  In the process, her heart was tended and began to grow.  May this comfort you now, in whatever circumstance, and move you further into a luminous new light as we accept Love and let it multiply.

“Blossom Moon”
by Sheila Stephens

butter-white full moon
moves high against November’s
sky - stopping only to bloom.

© Sheila Stephens

e-gift Poem and Previews from "The Art of Prayer & Tea & Thee"
by Sheila Stephens

A new way to find a moment to pray in the midst of our busy days.

Table of Contents (pdf file)

Sample Chapter (pdf file)

"A Teatime Prayer", a poem describing the step-by-step New American Tea Ceremony (pdf file)

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