Adventures in Writing 101; Fun & Inspiring Ways to Master the Craft of Creative Writing


Sheila Stephens is a writing wonder! ADVENTURES IN WRITING 101; Fun & Inspiring Ways to Master the Craft of Creative Writing, knocks it out of the writing ballpark. Her brilliant, descriptive and highly intuitive style inspires the writer to create their own unique connection with words, metaphor and character through personal stories and strong examples. She even approaches editing from such a delightful angle, the tiresome repetitive job becomes something beautiful, flowing and magical. Full of verve and grace, ADVENTURES IN WRITING 101 will become a writer’s go-to favorite. I highly recommend it!
— Candia Sanders, author of Soul Rays and When Eagles Soar
Everyone has a story to tell...even me!” I can prove it. I have written so many stories now and I owe them all to Sheila. She helped me make them happen. From the first Life Story Class, I knew I could learn from Sheila just how to put my thoughts down so that their true meaning would come alive. It was almost like magic. Now we finally have her fantastic book, Adventures in Writing 101, and I love it! I am forever grateful for Sheila’s willingness to share her writing talents with me, a willing student.
— Margaret Federspiel, Life Stories student for over 5 years
I thank Sheila for her eye-opening, fun and meaningful writing classes, which I took for years. Because of the many helpful things I learned through her thoughtful techniques and writing tips, I’m capable of putting my thoughts, experiences and inspirations into readable words, and am even able to make a story, not just a list of facts, out of a simple concept or event.

I feel my writing has taken a big leap forward. In fact, when I stopped writing my inspirational column for the Portland Singing Christmas Tree’s newsletter, people contacted the office, saying they missed them and asking me to write them again - so I did! I’ve also been able to write about two friends who crossed over, so their unique experiences wouldn’t be lost or forgotten, and I have comforted people who’ve lost loved ones by sharing my own stories about loss. Writing has become a source of building confidence and pleasure, and a big source of serving others.

Sheila’s finally compiled her valuable lessons into the book we yearned to hold in our hands, and refer to again and again with big smiles on our faces!
— Keith Elligsen, columnist for The Singing Christmas Tree Newsletter
There’s not another writing book out there like this! Gently guiding us to reach for higher ground, Sheila Stephens is one part Master Skill Builder, one part undaunted Adventurer on the writer’s hiking trail of life, and one part exquisite Visionary. She sees the stars and she accompanies you on the trek, believing you’ll get there - to a place of beauty and meaning that takes your breath away.

She knows ‘You Can Do It!’, but you’ll love having this compassionate but knowing Writing Sherpa by your side.
— Kay Allenbaugh, author of Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul book series
Sheila Stephens is a writer with outstanding skills, and in her class we gained many surprising insights. She made each person feel special, and equal, so we felt the warmth of this quote by Albert Camus: ‘Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.’ Her respect and care made each of us bring out the best in ourselves, each other, and our writing. You will enjoy ‘being part of her class’ in this great book!
— Bill Brennock, 85 and still storytelling
I enjoyed being a member of several of Sheila’s writing group/ classes. She is not one of those hard nosed editors or by the book teachers who mercilessly tear your work down and leave you to pick up the pieces. She’s much more kind; she has a wonderful way of encouraging that which is good in your writing and using it as a gentle broom to sweep away that which needs improvement. Adventures in Writing 101 is a great read for any aspiring writer. I heartily recommend it for beginners or already published authors. Your writing will be better with Sheila’s almost magical touch applied to it.
— John Judy, author of Slack Line Strategies for Fly Fishing, and Seasons of the Metolius
This brilliant book makes writing fun. You can always find a book about the basics of grammar and punctuation, but thankfully Sheila Stephens’ empowering book is about writing from your soul and digging deep for your voice. It’s a dance through a field of fresh ideas waiting to be picked at just the right time. Each chapter is compelling and comprehensive, yet easily understood. It vibrates with Joy!
— Judy Wagner Black, author of Parting the Clouds of Grief; a Mother’s Memoir, and an upcoming memoir about her dad’s aviation career.
The Life Stories’ chapter made me think, ‘Boy, I can do this!’ I liked how it gave me so MANY story ideas, and made me think in different directions. Now I’ll write a personal story for each grandchild - about their coming into the world, and how they are each so special. The process of writing is like “sewing” - it takes some work but it’s also relaxing and full of joy.

I wrote an obituary for my mom, and it was one of the most healing things I’ve done. Thinking about her, collecting her notes from memory books, then writing them down, brought more love forward. Even if we never share this, all of us would benefit by writing something down because there is an emptiness when someone passes over, and it helps fill this void by bringing up our own inner thoughts about what we’re going through and what that person meant to us - we should do it for each person we have known and loved.

Thankfully, we are never too old to learn new things, and Sheila helps us with that. It’s fun to grow older and write our stories because each of us has a wisdom that comes from God which we don’t always talk about. We all have so many wonderful experiences with family and friends, yet sometimes this is overshadowed by how busy we become. But Adventures in Writing 101 uplifts and moti- vates me, so I’m sharing it with my friends and my wonderful Book Group!
— Michele Riggs, a Book Club participant



After reading this book, you’ll never grieve the same again. Sheila Stephens fills these pages with pearls of wisdom to brighten your life with a love that never ends. My own grief started to soften and heal as I read even the first chapters. It’s a refreshing new paradigm for deep and heartfelt healing. Sheila demonstrates that if loss is treated as a pathway to something greater, it changes barriers into doorways. I’m enthusiastically recommending it to family, friends and clients, for many types of losses!
— Kirk Richard Holt, author of “19 Ways to Expand Your Potential” Founder of Brighter Minds, LLC,
I loved this book. I started underlining everything I liked, and I had to stop - because I was underlining everything! It’s full of so much love. And because of Sheila’s book, I had my own amazing experiences feeling the power of my brother’s loving spirit through Red-Tailed Hawks and Pennies from Heaven.
— Frances Newham
Chapter 15 of Sheila Stephens’ “Mystery School of Grief” was about my late wife, Dee’s, passing over. Sheila wrote it beautifully. There is nothing I could add or change to make it better. It took me back to an understanding of “the Bridge” to the Other Side when Dee was crossing over, a very sad time for me but a joyous one for her. My eyes filled with tears as the memories flowed back to the last days of October and how Sheila comforted us all and ministered to Dee as she was crossing “the Bridge.”

I appreciate what Sheila wrote as I would not have remembered all the beauty of her passing. I would have remembered more of the emotional loss and the grief. Now I have Chapter 15, “Bridges, Drumming, and Dee,” and all the good Sheila brought to our family during such a hard time. I thank Sheila so much for this light-filled book.
— Don Duncan
The Mystery School of Grief” is a tour de force of inspiration for those who are healing from the loss of a loved one. Sheila Stephens lovingly takes the reader through the multiple levels and aspects of grieving with poignant detail and heartfelt tenderness. Her thoughtful, practical suggestions will assist anyone who is seeking a return to Love and Peace.
— Judy Black, “Parting the Clouds of Grief; a Mother’s Memoir”
Sheila Stephens’ new book “The Mystery School of Grief’ is an uplifting and inspiring work describing her transformational experiences while grieving the sudden loss of her beloved husband Allen. I had the honor of meeting Allen and Sheila and being touched by their great love for each other. I saw Allen in the morning on the day of the accident. Usually we would have a quick conversation at the front door while he made sure to keep to his schedule. On this day we called out a greeting across the cul-de-sac, he smiled broadly and waved a big wide arc of a wave. It was the last time I would see this bright and generous man in the body at least.

Sheila’s moving and insightful book describes the ways in which Allen would show himself to his beloved as she mourns his loss. In a culture that has found difficult the conversations of death and grieving, this book celebrates a love that continues to grow and serves as a comforting and inspiring companion for anyone encountering the mystery school of Grief.
— Bev Martin, Founder, Navigate Your Calling
Sheila Stephen’s “The Mystery School of Grief, Healing Messages of Love & Light” truly reveals the deep understanding she has obtained through her own experiences of loss. It is real and raw, yet captivating. Throughout this book, love and compassion are gloriously illuminated. Your spirit simply cannot be anything but lifted when reading this book.
— Samantha Gilbertson, Pastoral Care, Mission Integration and Spiritual Care
Sheila Stephens’ guiding hand through “The Mystery School of Grief,” maps a process for each of us to delve into, interpret and align with our hearts, including a pathway to healing. Her Mystery School “secrets” are filled with deep wisdom stemming from rich and challenging life experiences which instill the reader with faith in her expertise. “The Mystery School of Grief” creates an intense hope for the reader that the sun will shine more brightly tomorrow. This book is a must for anyone who is challenged by a grave loss and is ready to embrace the light within; I highly recommend it.
— Candia Sanders, author of “Soul Rays; Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul”
I feel there is a calmness that comes over me as I read through the chapters of ‘The Mystery School of Grief.’ As Sheila Stephens states when sharing different ways to celebrate our Loved Ones, we let my late husband, Leroy’s love flow through us in the way we live our daily lives. In this way, we honor him as the life-force and the heart of our family. And during my hectic days, I am glad I can go back to many different chapters to re-read them when I need their Peace.
— Suzanne Hall



Truly a girl friend’s guide to prayer! THE ART OF PRAYER & TEA & THEE offers the reader rich chocolate moments for the soul. I highly recommend it as the perfect gift for a girl friend - AND for yourself.
— Kay Allenbaugh, best-selling author, the CHOCOLATE FOR A WOMAN’S SOUL Series
Beautifully written through the heart of a poet, wisdom of a teacher, and comfort of a friend. The original philosophy within this new American Tea Ceremony will take hold and literally begin affecting your daily attitudes with unique and positive possibilities. This book is a teacup of treasures meant to be savored often.
— Kathie L., award winning author, real estate investor
Sheila’s words flow like water, surrounding us, nurturing the places within our spirits that longed to be touched by her message of simple and joyous ways of being. Her language fills our hearts with the sound of love. We know this sound and want to know more. Let the water flow. Thank you, Sheila
— Cathy Walter Robb, Assistant Director, OASIS center for senior living, Portland



Brilliant piece of work! Had me from the first page. Allen was a man’s man, but I never met ANY man with his compassion. In the way he had a lot of love for everybody, and in the way he wrote, he praised God - only this time he did it in a Western! He’s not gone, he just rode off into the sunset.
— Rocky Young, friend & former bodyguard
Profound and powerful - this action adventure set in California’s gold rush era takes me back to an exciting, nearly forgotten time, the Old West, where men were often forced to settle their differences with a six-shooter. Yet Jake Tallon becomes a legend not just because of his fighting skills, but because people became better through knowing Jake. Lives changed.

This Western is filled with spirit lessons taught by the Cherokee Shaman, Night Walker, with powers from beyond - and a love story between Jake and Sarah that makes you never want to put it down.
— E.T. Tawzer, Hillsboro, Oregon
GONE TO GLORY is a riveting story of courage, hope, and the life-changing force of forgiveness. True-to-life details of Western life sweep you back to another time - and characters jump off the page to become your instant friends.
— Lisa Robertson, freelance editor